We’re a marketing communications agency specialising in copywriting

You can tell when marketing content is written without a true understanding or belief in the business. It seems bland, unconvincing and doesn’t reflect the true identity of the business. We don’t think you should settle for that.

Let us become a raving fan of your business!

The copywriters at Consider It Done Australia believe the best marketing collateral is written with sincere enthusiasm for our clients. So we take the time to become experts in your business and your industry. To do this we take a big picture approach to make sure we:

  • Understand your business – your challenges, your successes and your goals
  • Examine how your ideal clients make buying decisions, why they choose you and the information they need before making a decision
  • Investigate your competitors – who they are and what they are saying
  • Identify the things you do that makes your business distinctive

Then we write marketing content to showcase the unique personality of your business and provide reasons for new clients to choose you.

“Our name is our promise. When you give us a project, you can consider it done!”

“We write words that sell”

Every member of our team is a marketing professional specialising in copywriting. We only use marketers because we believe they have the best skill set to write marketing materials that work. It ensures we can take your marketing strategy and convert it into Words that Sell.

It also means we can work with you to:

  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Offer suggestions
  • Provide a fresh perspective
  • Support your marketing activities
  • Help you improve the return on your marketing investment

Some team members also have extensive sales experience which provides the expertise to understand:

  • The information new clients need before they decide to buy
  • The questions they are likely to have so we can answer them in the copy
  • The objections they will probably raise so we can overcome them in the content

Part of your sales and marketing team

Let Consider It Done Australia become part of your sales and marketing team – a true business partner who will work hard to help you achieve your goals. Call 1300 780 642 or email us now to arrange a time to speak with our Creative Director, Karen Anderson.