Some of our favourite work helps to change people’s lives

Delivering extraordinary results in appeal fundraising and supporter engagement, Consider It Done Australia is one of Sydney’s most experienced copywriting service providers for charities, not-for-profit organisations and NGOs. In fact, Consider It Done Australia has been helping charities and NGOs since 2008.

Achievements include:

  • Changing supporter newsletters from communications tools to major income generating resources
  • Writing record breaking fundraising material
  • Communicating significant policy changes in a positive way with minimal client concerns
  • Writing service brochures, media releases and other promotional materials that have generated results
  • Writing winning tender submissions for Government contracts

We are specialists in writing for NGOs & charities.

A distinctive approach to meet your particular content needs

The results achieved for our charity and not-for-profit clients come from our ability to:

  • Write emotive case studies and user stories
  • Anticipate the questions and objections of potential supporters
  • Present policy changes in a positive and open manner
  • Write commercially but with the subtly required for this sector
  • Explain services in a sympathetic but respectful way
  • Appeal to referral agencies, carers and clients

Let’s talk

If you would like specialist advice from an authority in providing copywriting services for your charity, NGO or not-for-profit organisation, speak with Karen. Call 1300 780 642 or email her to arrange an appointment or Skype conference.

Become a recipient of our pro-bono work

While most of our clients pay for our expertise, each year Consider It Done Australia donates copywriting services to one or two worthwhile organisations.

The organisation may need our copywriting services for a particular project that is outside their normal requirements. Or they may be looking for copywriting services for a defined period of time. To apply for assistance, please email us explaining which organisation you represent and the type of copywriting help you require. We will review your application and contact you if we are able to be of assistance.

We love helping you make a difference to people’s lives.

We wrote the script for the movie trailer promoting the first ever Variety Bash movie