Things to know

Copywriters vary in how they operate

When you work with Consider It Done Australia you can expect the following:

  • Depending on the project, you are entitled to 1 or 2 rounds of revisions for each page or article written. You may not need any amendments but it’s nice to know you can request them at no additional charge.
  • After each draft we can talk in-depth about your project and any revisions you require.
  • After discussing the amendments, you will be given a timeframe so you will know when to expect the next version.

We work with you to achieve your deadlines

  • The faster you respond to phone calls and emails, the faster we can get back to your project.
  • The faster you read and review each draft, the faster we can make the amendments required to finalise your project.
  • While Consider It Done Australia will work with you to achieve your deadlines, the timeframe will be influenced by you and the priority you place on your project.

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Check each draft carefully!

Please take the time to read each draft carefully. If you miss anything or change your mind at any stage of the project, you risk incurring additional charges.

Careful preparation and checking is the secret to a cost effective, timely and well produced project.

What happens if your project has more than one component?

The copywriters at Consider It Done Australia will usually finalise each component before moving onto the next one.

The importance of prompt payments

  • Unless otherwise agreed, work will not commence on your project until the deposit is paid. This is explained in detail in the proposal (or quote).
  • Sometimes progress payments are required. If this is the case, we’ll let you know before we begin working on your project.
  • Late payment of deposits or progress payments can delay completion of your project.
  • It’s important to remember you do not own the content of your project until the final payment is made. This is a common practice that is explained fully in the Terms and Conditions section of the proposal (or quote).

Can we help you?

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