We’ll give you a consistent message across all your marketing collateral

While many copywriters specialise in a particular format, our copywriters work with you to become experts in your business. As a result:

  • You will receive clear, consistent marketing messages across all your marketing collateral
  • We will become the voice of your business – able to Write Words that Sell anywhere your target market is found
  • You can rely on us to be your go-to copywriting team who can write about your business, products or services regardless of the platform or format

Your message will always be consistent because we can write what you need.

Our copywriters will Write Words that Sell for almost anything you can think of including writing:

It also means the briefing process for each project is quicker and easier because we already understand your business and the concerns of your target market.

We are part of your sales and marketing team

Although our copywriters are not knocking on doors to sell your products or services, we understand the words we write for your business need to generate enquiries which lead to sales. So our copywriters are marketing professionals who specialise in copywriting. It means we can take your marketing strategies and convert them into Words that Sell.

But that’s not all.

  • We get inside the head of your target market to understand their concerns and what information they need before making their buying decision
  • We ensure we understand the buying cycle for your target market so we write content that addresses each stage
  • We anticipate questions and answer them before your potential customers stop reading
  • We become advocates for your business so we can promote your business with genuine enthusiasm
  • We specialise in copywriting services for SMEs so we can work within the constraints of your timeframes and budget

Would you like a consistent marketing message across all of your marketing collateral?

The first step is to talk to Karen Anderson, Creative Director at Consider It Done Australia. Call 1300 780 642 or email to arrange a Skype call or meeting.

Editors love using our media releases. Clients love the enquires they generate.