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Today’s Words that Sell are Urgency

Ask most real estate agents and they’ll tell you property auctions work better than private sales because auctions have a built-in sense of urgency.

When you’re writing marketing content, you need to create that same sense of Urgency so people act before their busy lives take over and they forget.

Online retailers use Urgency beautifully. Do you recognise any of these gems?

  • For 3 days only
  • While stocks last
  • For a limited time

You’ll find Urgency in Calls to Action. For example:

  • You must be one of the first 100 callers so call now
  • Offer ends at 8.00am tomorrow. Don’t delay.
  • Subscribe now and save

Some words help to create Urgency such as

  • Hurry
  • Act now
  • Don’t delay
  • Quick!

When you create Urgency in your marketing content, you’ll turn more visits into enquiries and sales. That’s why we think Urgency is a Word that Sells.

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