WTS Save

Some words are a powerhouse of persuasion. That’s why I call them “Words that Sell”. Today’s Words that Sell is Save

When we hear the word Save, we immediately think of money but there’s also:
· Save time
· Save hassle
· Save worry
· Save effort

For some businesses, it makes sense that their whole focus should be on how they can save you money. Banks, insurance companies, mortgage brokers and insurance brokers are prime examples. So are special offers such as Buy One, Get one free.

But think about most household appliances. They exist to save you time.

Home delivered meals are there to save you effort.

Online shopping saves hassle and if you use an accountant to prepare your tax return each year, their role is to save you worry.

Now think about the products or services you offer. Do they Save your customers in some way? How well do you explain how you help them to Save?

Looking for words that sell? Speak with Karen from Consider It Done Australia. Our writers are marketing professionals who specialise in copywriting. That means we can take your marketing ideas and turn them into Words that Sell.

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