WTS Calls To Action

Some words are a powerhouse of persuasion. That’s why I call them “Words that Sell”. Today’s Words that Sell are Calls to Action

In my opinion, everything – from an email to your website or product catalogue – should have a call to action.


Because it tells people what to do next.

The reality is, we don’t always engage our brain when we are reading stuff. For example, I significantly increased donations for a charity by simply adding the words, “To donate, please complete this form.”

While my charity client thought it was obvious that’s what they wanted potential donors to do, the increase in donations indicated it might not have been so obvious to their database.

Some examples
The same is true for any type of marketing or promotional materials. We need to tell potential customers what they need to do next. It could be:
  • Visit our website for more information
  • To order, click here
  • Call now to arrange a quote
  • To enter the competition, like this page

Explaining the next steps to potential customers is a simple but powerful tool to boost enquiries and sales. That’s why I think they should be everywhere.

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