We won’t work with your competitors! It just doesn’t seem right.

Every new client starts with one copywriting project. They want to see what it’s like to work with the copywriters at Consider It Done Australia. But most clients return for more help to write their marketing materials.

If you regularly use our copywriting services, we won’t work with your competitors. The reason is simple. We want to become advocates of your business because it shows in the way we write about it. It’s a genuine enthusiasm your potential and current customers can feel. Not only that, we want to recommend your business to our other clients, friends and family.

How many creative agencies can make that promise?

Importantly, it doesn’t cost extra to become the exclusive client in your sector. All you need to do is use our copywriting services multiple times each year. That’s it!

If you’re a regular client, we won’t work for your competitors.

We make this promise because we genuinely want your business to flourish and grow. One of the ways to help your business prosper is to have copywriters who believe in you and who will Write Words that Sell for your business.

If you would like to discover how Consider It Done Australia may be able to give your business a competitive edge, visit our Services pages or make a time to speak with our Creative Director, Karen Anderson.

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Need more reasons to work with Consider It Done Australia?

Here are 5 more reasons to discuss your copywriting needs with Consider It Done Australia.

1. Our copywriters are marketing professionals who specialise in copywriting.

We believe it’s important for copywriters to be marketing professionals specialising in copywriting. It means we have the skills to convert your well-developed marketing strategies into Words that Sell.

2. We make sure we understand your customers.

The best marketing content provides the information your ideal customers need. That’s why our copywriting team also includes copywriters who have sales experience. It ensures we have the knowledge to anticipate your customers’ questions and objections – whether you are selling B2B or B2C.

3. We add value to your marketing efforts.

We don’t blindly follow instructions. We:

  • Ask lots of questions
  • Collaborate with you, your team & your other marketing service providers
  • Provide a fresh perspective and offer suggestions
  • Freely share our expertise & knowledge

We do all of this so we can help your marketing activities generate the best possible results.

4. We help you deliver consistent marketing messages.

When you use a variety of marketing activities and platforms, it can be challenging to ensure you maintain a consistent marketing message. Often, businesses find they need to use multiple copywriters depending on the marketing activity. But Consider It Done Australia is different.

Our copywriters are trained to write across most business writing formats – both online and off. As a result, we can ensure your marketing messages are consistent across all platforms and formats.

5. We will adapt to the changing needs of your business.

As your business grows and evolves, the copywriters at Consider It Done Australia will adapt to your changing needs. It could be a new product or service, expanding into a new target market or refreshing your brand image. We want to become experts in your business and will grow and adapt to fulfil your changing needs.

Can we help your business achieve a competitive edge?

If you would like to investigate whether Consider It Done Australia can help your business gain a competitive edge, contact us to arrange a meeting with our Creative Director, Karen Anderson. To start the conversation, call 1300 780 642 or email